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I started to worry about my productivity about two years ago, I was lacking motivation and routine, but there was a will to change my life for the better, so I began to research this topic and the first thing I found was Kaysen, Kaysen is a Japanese technique that Toyota used to raise his company, five steps that help you improve your daily life.
The second thing I found is Coursera and app that has online courses, in this app I found a course that's called "Learning how to learn", I strongly recommend it, is a four-week course and it teaches you how to understand your mind and some behaviors that you can avoid to improve your self-control, I also learned how to memorize better and how to improve my study techniques, if you end up this course you can pay 50 dollars for a certificate, this certificate is given by the Mc Master University of Toronto, an awesome University.
The third knowledge I acquire is that how you can reprogram your mind by simple steps, in your daily routine, one of these steps is that you have to start with small steps, for example, If you want to do exercises in the morning, but you feel no motivation to do it just start with something so small that you feel is so easy that will be a shame no to do it, one push up, one squad or running in the same spot for one minute, the goal is not the exercises, the goal is that you need to do it every day at the same hour, consistency is the key, by doing this small steps that are so easy to do it you will reprogram your brain to fit into a routine, one essential tip is to reward your self every time you finish that small step, by doing this you are telling your brain that is good to do it, and your brain will release dopamine and serotonin, these hormones are the ones in charge to create pleasure and happiness.
Well, these little steps are so important and are the beginning of a new life that will help you to share beautiful moments with your loved ones.
Hope you liked these little research I have done in my life, there are more tip that I know, so tell me if you want to know more and I can post a second text about it.

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