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Abysmal despair

created Dec 31st 2020, 04:09 by BryceBryant



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Once there was a boy that was incapable of love. Whether to love or be loved, he was a failure at both. The more attempts at love, the faster he would fail. This failure began to weigh on his mind. All he could see were a string of losses punctuated by heartbreaking memories. These memories lasted a lifetime and then some. Defining everything about him and guiding him along every fork in his path. One day the boy began to notice a pattern in his path. A path unseen until he had traveled far enough on his journey. It seemed the boy's path had become intertwined in itself. Becoming a tangled mess of a downward spiral. An ever-repeating cycle of endless pain, gravitating toward an inevitable bottom. How deep does the well go? God only knows. When I look up from the depths, will I see a light? No, not anymore. The darkness has become a comfort to me. In the darkness, no one can see my true form, a broken, battered, bloody emotional cripple. Unable to pull myself out of this dark place. Left alone in silence and despair. I blame no one for the state that I'm in, or that I have come to inhabit. Life deals a cruel hand to some. I can't help but cry sometimes. I think about the fundamental truths of this world and the illusions that people aren't able to see past. Accepting defeat is something a lot of people have a hard time doing. I have spent the last few days contemplating that notion. The ability to accept defeat is something I struggle with. I have been defeated many times in my life but I've never given up hope. Life goes on, with or without you. That's the hard truth.

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