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In order to mold life according to the culture, the human community has to adopt certain values. In which qualities like truth, honesty are at the root. Those who always say the truth are called truthful. Everyone knows King Harishchandra in India who became immortal due to his truthfulness. Every situation in life, whether it is favorable to us or unfavorable, not to leave the truth with it is called truth or truthfulness. Kabirdas, while acknowledging the importance of truth, had made a statement, saying that there is no sin, no sin, equal sin. We have to know the meaning form and effect of truth before understanding truth. Truth means the nature of truth. Those who hold it are called truthists. The word Satya is formed by applying Satta and Lyaap suffixes of Sanskrit. Which means Sasti in Sanskrit.
Asti is a verb that means. In simple words, the qualities, object or emotion which remain a form in present, past and future tense are called truth. What was true yesterday is still today and will be tomorrow. Realization of truth and walking in its path is not easy. To recognize the nature of truth, a human has to know the untruth after which he can identify the original truth.
Satyavadita is considered a great quality in the culture of India. Dasaratha used to be true to his true voice and words. According to the promise given to Kaikeyi, he sent his beloved son to exile for the sake of truth. Before these, King Harishchandra had paved his life in the way of truth. He followed the truth and sold his wife and son to the Brahmin in the hands of Dom. Even after suffering severe torture in life, he did not deviate himself from the path of truth. In the Mahabharata too, the context of Satyavadi Bhishma Pitamah is found. Who did not give up the courage to follow their vows. Gandhi was called a truthist in the modern era. In this way we can understand that from ancient times to modern times, truthful people became immortal.

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