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Browning, a poet of England, has written about a girl who got only one holiday during the year. She must have been a very unhappy girl. We must be happy be very unhappy, too, if we were to have no more holidays than that. We feel uneasy if all the seven days in the week are working days.
In olden days in the West the importance of leisure was not realised. People, even children, worked twelve hours a day. Only recently was it discovered that there is much greater output of work if people work only eight hours a day and have a holiday at the week end. Under tropecal conditions the hours of work per day should be further reduced to six or seven.
In this blessed land of ours where the soil is so fertile and where the necessaries of life can be go without exerting much it is difficult to appreciate the advantage of leisure. Here we have all leisure and work hardly for a couple of hours a day. People gossip the whole day long. Even peasants get plenty of time to smoke their luxurious hukkas. Time hangs heavy on the hands of most of our women folk. Our problem is not more leisure but the best use of our spare time. There are many ways of utilizing leisure. In our struggle for freedom we have tasted the fruits of spinning. According to Mahatma Gandhi spinning is also a training for the mind as well as for the body.  
Our leisure can be employed in many other ways too. Hobbies like painting, music, sculpture, photography, gardrning well keep us fully engaged for hours. Walkiing, though not of material advantage, adds much to our knowledge and is a great source of entertainment. Scientific inventions have provided much material to fill our vacant hours. Cinema and radio, if attended to, leave hardly any time for other things.

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