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IETLS Band 9 Writing P1. Table 2

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The table compares the numbers of people who cycled to work in twelve
areas of the UK in the years 2001 and 2011.
Overall, the number of UK commuters who travelled to work by bicycle
rose considerably over the 10-year period. Inner London had by far the
highest number of cycling commuters in both years.
In 2001, well over 43 thousand residents of inner London commuted by
bicycle, and this figure rose to more than 106 thousand in 2011, an
increase of 144%. By contrast, although outer London had the second
highest number of cycling commuters in each year, the percentage
change, at only 45%, was the lowest of the twelve areas shown in the
Brighton and Hove saw the second biggest increase (109%) in the
number of residents cycling to work, but Bristol was the UK's second city
in terms of total numbers of cycling commuters, with 8,108 in 2001 and
15,768 in 2011. Figures for the other eight areas were below the 10
thousand mark in both years.

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