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People of the forefathers take a hefty amount of money from the kanyapaksha before marriage. As far as accessories are concerned, color TV sofa sets cupboards dining tables watches rings all these things are already sent to enhance the groom's favor or given at the time of marriage. The rest of the people go away after eating and drinking in it. Initially  there is harmony between the groom and kanyapaksha, so full vigilance is taken from both. If everything goes on happily, then everything remains secret otherwise if an accident happens all the secrets are revealed. The people of Virgo or Kanyapaksha do not have the courage to ensure that if there is a marriage then there will be no marriage without dowry.
The stigma of dowry and social evil in the form of dowry cannot be stopped only by law. To prevent this, the mindset of the people should be changed. The tradition of marrying in ones own caste has to be broken and encourage inter state marriages Only then the chances of taking dowry will decrease and the area of marriage will become wider.
The practice of inter state inter-state and international marriages has started, if ever it gets more popularity and social encouragement, it is expected that the practice of dowry taking will come down. If the government wants it, then it can be partially abolished if not complete. The government should arrange to give employment to those couples who want to get married or do dowry without inter-state or dowry. Recently  when a Savarna youth of Bihar married a Harijan girl, how he had to become a partisan of the government and society everyone knows this is not a very old incident. Therefore, there is a need that the government should perform its duty and if social awakening comes the stigma of dowry can be removed.
Urgent steps need to be taken to end the dowry system. Nowadays this practice has started taking the form of business. The parents want that whatever they have spent to educate and make the child fit, the boy should be married and recovered. Engineer Doctor or IAS Boys dowry has gone from fifty lakh to one crore rupees. Explain how a normal householder can afford this type of expenditure.

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