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Farmers have two main problems  first is fertilizer and second is fuel shortage, which is creating various problems. No other material other than cow dung and wood is readily available to the farmers. If the farmer uses cow dung as a fertilizer then he has a fuel problem for cooking. As we are aware, the fertilizer power of the soil has become very weak due to growing more crops and is not able to provide balanced nutrients. On the other hand, the use of chemical fertilizers is also contaminating the environment. The cost for their use is also high and there is difficulty in getting them too. These problems can be solved by using cow dung twice. There is a huge amount of energy in cow dung which can be extracted by fermentation in the cow dung plant. This energy can be used to run fuel, light and low horsepower diesel engines. Dung from the plant can also be used as manure. Therefore, by installing cow dung gas plant, farmers save both fuel and fertilizer.
Dung gas plants of Janata and Deenbandhu designs are run by water and cow dung solution. Due to lack of sufficient water, farmers are not ready to set up dung gas plant. The Department of Microbiology at Haryana Agricultural University has developed a design that runs with fresh cow dung by processing biogas plant of Janta model run by cow dung and water solution. The RCP pipe of dung to this plant is made one foot wide and 4 feet above the earth. The inside of the plant is made leakage-free and the dung drainage pipe is kept wide enough to allow the dung to come out automatically under the pressure of gas. The location of the gas drain to The plastic pipe is connected to the slaughterhouse by stove or by engine. The gas produced in this plant is more than that of other plants and the dung that is drained quickly dries up which does not require a pit to collect.  
In today's era, farmers face many problems. The main problem in these is the depletion of the fertile power of the land and the day-to-day shortage of fuel. The simple and easy solution to both these special problems is the Gobar gas plant. There is a lot of energy in dung, which can be extracted by making dung gas with the help of Gobar gas plant. The stove can be lit with gas made from this plant and it can also be used for lighting. Less than this, you can also run a horsepower engine. The dung salari from the Gobar gas plant is completely rotten. This is a great manure. The use of this increases the fertile strength of the soil, does not cause termites and weeds are also destroyed.

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