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Winston fell down the drain part 2 (Harder)

created Feb 25th, 13:47 by Danny Peat



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Hello, I am back with the harder version of my story. This harder version will be longer therefore harder to complete. Before the story begins I would like to say thank you to all the people who have played my first text which was the easy version of this story. I would also like to say I would love to keep making texts for this game so if you want me to make more then please leave a rating on this text and maybe stick around for all my new ones. Ok, I have done talking now and will begin the story. One day last summer I was walking In the park with my friend Winston, unfortunately, Winson was unable to stick around as he fell down a very deep drain and broke his leg. I think he is ok now though. Thanks for checking out this text and good luck.

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