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Surprisingly  the one who had blood running in his veins Taimuri, Genghis and Rajputs, descendants of Babur and Akbar was just the name Jahangir. In Sultanate e Hindustan  the mourning of Akbars time lasted for seven days.  Salims name rang in the Agra court on the eighth day i.e. 24 October 1605. Around these days there was also a ruler named Salim in Turkey. The name Salim does not have any backlash in the world and history  so Mughal Salim proclaimed himself to be Jahangir. Jahangir means the conqueror of the world. However  not everyone is comfortable with this. Noted journalist Shazi Zaman writes his book Akbar that Salim was told by the Pirs and Fakirs of India that after the passing of Emperor Akbar, a man named Nuruddin would become Sultan, so Salim named his name Nuruddin Jehangir Badshah.  Whatever it is, there is no such important fight or any such important statement recorded in Salims account, which testifies to his name. Surprisingly, in whose veins the blood of Taimuri, Genghis and Rajputs  a descendant of  Babur and Akbar, was just the name Jahangir!
The story of Salims birth is written with great fervor in Mughal history. Salim was the child of Emperor Akbar and the daughter of King Amar of Amar. Someone says his name Jodha, and some people call him a diamond. Some people tell him of Jodhpur rather than Amer. It is remembered that a few years ago there was a dispute over the name of Jodha in Akhbars wife in the movie Jodha Akbar. It is interesting to think that Rajput blood was also in the veins of Jahangir, Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb. Then why were Rajputs shying in the name of Mughals? They should be proud that both the Rajput and the Mughals have been equal partners in the geographical, cultural and political India of that era and they also have half the authority over the glorious Mughal period.
Come back to your point. When Rani became pregnant  Akbar sent her to stay in the court of Sheikh Salim Chishti of Fatehpur Sikri. Akbar wished that the descendants of Timur came into the world under the shadow of Chishti. It is said that Sheikh Salim Chishti gave the boon to Akbar to have three sons. On this, Akbar said that he will give the first son under Sheikhs patronage. Therefore, the initial names of Jehangir were Sheikhu and Salim were named after Chishti.
The plank on which Jahangir sat was the result of the battles of Babur, Humayun and Akbar throughout his life. Apart from some areas of Mewar and Deccan, Akbar threaded the whole of India in one thread. Jahangir mixed Mewar in it, but it was Shah Jahan. It is said that Jahangir was neither ambitious nor had any special career in it.  

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