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Please type my text and give me a star

created Jun 3rd, 06:28 by 5E13FUNGSUMYEE



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Hello, please give me a star and I will star your text too. Well, this text is not hard. In this text I will tell you something about me. My name is Leeann and I am a primary five student. I can type pretty fast and I live in Shatin. I have a younger sister, her name is Sara, she is in primary two. I am ten and she is eight. My school is Baptist Sha Tin Wai Lui Ming Choi Primary School, that is a good school, so I think I am really lucky because I am in this school. Of course my sister is lucky too! Next text I will tell you more. I am going to type the next text when I have four votes. Remember to give a star to me!

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