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The word education is derived from the Latin word 'educate' meaning to being up a child, which itself is derived from the word 'educare' --- to lead. Education we can say is a deliberate process, a wilful working uon an individual In its broadest sense it means the art of training the mind and character and also teaching the tech enable the students to make use of their own special talents and be good and useful members of the community.
Educaion is indeed a basic skill. It has always been considered as a social process, am eans by which the units of a society become instinct with social conciousness and learn or fulful social demands. The ancient greek and Roman maxim mens sana in corpore sano )a healthy mind in a healthy body) is still the ideal, and the search after the achievement has occupied teachers down the ages. The methods used and the number of those receiving education at all has of course period from country and age to age.  
In ancient times, stress was laid on citizenshi. Educaion, to put it clearly, was considered a positive means by which the ruler could shape human nature in the right direction to produce a harmonious state.
There has been considerable impact of the recently signed agreement between India and the United states on transfer of technology. As a result, a large number of agreements have been signed for the export of several products and transfer of technology. This was stated herelast night by Mr. Peter Allgeirs, Deputy Assistant US Trade REpresentative, for asia Africa and the Pacific in a tele-press conderence. He said, the Indian Government's speps  

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