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It’s always a good day in the farm

created Thursday July 22, 00:35 by HngGiangNguyn1



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I always enjoy my vacation at Grandpa’s farm. I hear a lot of sounds and see animals living happily. When the sun rises, I welcome the morning by waking up on the roosters’ chuckles. The birds chirp merrily from the trees near my window. I start my day by visiting the stables where the horses neigh excitedly. I see the dog runs and barks loudly while chasing the cat. I see butterflies flying above the flowers in the garden. Rabbits hop around the field and chickens hunt for crawling earthworms. There are lots of fish that swim in the pond. The cows moo lazily while eating fresh grass. I spend my days playing and taking care of the animals on the farm.  It’s always a good day!

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