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It is necessary therefore that we should carefully consider the various recommendations made and see what we can do to achieve a certain target within a prescribed period. The Scheduled Tribes have been living in isolated places, far-off places, not connected with roads. They do not have any amenities of life, neither medical aid nor even proper educational facilities. We have to bring them out of that  and we must try to integrate those people with other sections of our countrymen. It is far from my mind to suggest that we should impose anything on them, whether our customs or our culture,  the culture is more or less common throughout the country, but every community has its own conventions and customs. Therefore, when I say that there should be complete integration, I do not mean to suggest that there should be imposition of anything on the tribal communities as such. Still, it is essential that integration will only be possible if their standards are raised, if they are more or less brought to the same level where we of the other people are how are not so isolated. So, we have to bring these people to that level and we can do that, not by implementing certain schemes only but bringing about a radical change in our outlook and approach.
    There may be different communities and different religions in our country but India had its own unique tradition in the past which we have to carry on and maintain even now. In fact our philosophic base has been unity in diversity and in is our good fortune that when we are free, when we have become independent various communities and religions exist in our country and it should be our effort to bring out complete unity and ourselves even if our religions are different or we differ in our customs, rites etc. So, I think that it is a challenge to all of us and I have no doubt that we will be able to meet this challenge. I so not want to take more time of the house. As I said in the beginning, I do not want to enter into generalit.

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