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Whether they are able to coordinate everything with their friends or not. How much cooperation do they have? How familiar are they with their customs? Every woman is able to assess her abilities by doing self-assessment. This is possible only in Indian culture. Due to the effect of this period of change, our fasts and festivals have not remained untouched. The existence of this fast is there, but there has been a lot of variation in the form. All the goods are bought from the market citing the paucity of time. The parlor market is always ready to enhance the beauty. If fast is being kept for the husband, then in return expensive gifts are requested from him in advance. Instead of giving to the women of the family, the expectation of taking from them has become more. Instead of making Shivling at home, it has become a practice to worship in temples. There, too, there is competition at the time of worship. to do first. Seeing each other's puja thali in a suppressed form, women do not miss out on finding faults. Many women take water-fruits after the first puja due to lack of stamina or lack of health. Which is not unfair either. The tradition of Raat Jagran is fulfilled by watching a movie or playing a game. But in all this, women forget that Lord Shiva is only hungry for devotion. That's why he is also called Bholenath. In fasting worship, devotion and feelings have been lost somewhere. Whereas in the original, emotions were paramount. Due to modern ideas, another aspect of fasting should also be considered. Mother Parvati had set her life goal to attain Lord Shiva. To achieve this goal, if she wanted, she could have taken the help of her father or other power. But he himself did penance for twelve years. Faced many problems. He did not deviate from the target even in difficult circumstances. Even after failing in initial attempts, he did not give up. And finally achieved the goal. In fact, this fast teaches us about loyalty and dedication towards our goal. Have a desire to get what you want. For the sake of that stubbornness, let us cross even the toughest of paths. And stop only when the goal is achieved. So this year, celebrate Hartalika Vrat with old customs, with the aim of achieving a goal by keeping full devotion in mind. And don't forget to do your evaluation honestly test the marks you can get. Then you will also feel the importance of this unique fast and the blessings of Shiva Parvati will multiply your happiness manifold.

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