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Albert Einstein, the world's leading scientist, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in the year 1921. He remained engaged in new discoveries till the end of his life, but his unwavering loyalty to God also remained. Once Einstein boarded a plane from Berlin airport. When the plane reached the top, he took out a garland from his pocket. When a young man sitting next to him saw this, he was astonished. He said softly to them, today in our era many scientific researches are being done. This is the era of scientists like Einstein and a young man like you is showing a negativity by chanting rosary. The young man took out his card and showed him and said, I am engaged in a campaign against superstition and the existence of God. You also contribute in this. Einstein smiled listening to the young man and took out his card and gave it to him. As soon as he read the words Albert Einstein on the card, he was stunned. He immediately bowed reverently at her feet. In the year 1930, when Gurudev went to Berlin to meet Rabindranath Tagore Einstein, in that meeting both the great men discussed about God and religion. Einstein said, I have experienced the existence of God. That's why I proudly call myself religious.

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