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Thank you for having been my, I thought, 'the one'

created Nov 25th, 07:52 by Norra



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That break-up letter, I threw it away a long time ago. Have to admit that sometimes I still think about him but It does not hurt me anymore-those memories that I had with him. But to be honest, kinda miss those too. I wonder what do I miss, him or the time that we were so happy together..?
The picture of him, visiting places that we used to be together do bother me, but it's ok. I accept and appreciate those sweet memories. Even though we did not end up together, he was good to me. At some points, we both had fun! For a period, my life lit up thanks to him. I hope you find someone who suits you well. And I hope I can find someone who treats me a lot better than you:)

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