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Sir Let us examine this point whether the people of Delhi are in any way getting some thing better or something less than what exists today. Today, by what name you call him Administrator or Chief Commissioner he is appointed by the President. Now, after this what will the people of Delhi get? The Administrator, as he exists today, is appointed, the President. He is also there. In addition, then will be four persons elected by the people of Delhi who will be assisting the advising the administrator. Another point was raised that they would hold office only during the pleasure of the President. Now, that is the constitutional phrase. Even the Minister, as it is. It is there. If any body goes through the constitutional requirements according to Article 75, he will find it stating that the Minister shall hold office during the pleasure of the President. Therefore, pleasure of the president does not mean that if he is displeased or if there is any difference of opinion they will go away. That is not it.
Then, he asked why my friend is not calling himself an Executive Councilor. He cannot He cannot call himself an Executive councilor even it he wants, because under the Constitutions there should be a council of Ministers and her cannot call this Executive Council as the Council of Ministers. But what we have done a lot of discussion. I have counted the number of the meetings that we had with the different parties. This basic point was that there would both be a legislative assembly. The whole point which other Members have raised is council? How that function is not to be mixed up with the civic function? There, the Municipal Coorporation or some such thing can be thought of.
Therefore, the position is not bad as the hon. Member wants us to believe. We are trying our best to improve the conditions of the agriculturists in the rural areas. But is has also to be noted that these villages are hear the capital of Indian and therefore some consideration will have to be bestowed upon the question of developing Delhi also. That cannot be completely lost sight of. There is no question or urban areas against the rural areas. The urban areas and rural areas, both are equally important.

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