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This world sucks

created Jan 14th, 19:51 by Fabienne



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Dreaming is a difficult thing to do. Your brain does it for you. Sometimes a dream is good for you and you are happy and sometimes you have a horrible dream, and your scared. As a little kid you went to your parents to let them know that there is a monster under your bed. They needed to look for you, because you were to afraid. Now we understand that those times are over. We need to have a good rest and sleep for our school system. We think that it sucks, but those older people that can accualy change it, find it an ok system. Therefore there is no change. Teens are getting depressed. Schools wonder why? If they would ask us, we would say what the problem is, the problem is that they don't listen to us. It's frustrating. Covid-19 also plays an act on this. We are almost 2 years in lockdown. 2 years! Thats crazy. The older generations don't know how it is for us. And now you wonder why you just typed this text.  

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