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I NTENTION is necessary but not sufficient. Do the good things you intend to do, preferably sooner rather than later. Planning is helpful but it’s just the beginning. For the planning to pay off you must execute the plan. Don't fall into the idea that preparation can be a substitute for action. Yes, do the preparation, and then do the rest of the work. Is thinking about it getting in the way of doing it? Then the time has come for you to go beyond mere thinking and move on into action. It's great that your intention is purposeful and well thought out. Now cash in on the value of what you intend to do by acting on it. You can’t demonstrate your commitment just by thinking or talking about it. Move on into action, and reap the many benefits that come from following your purpose. Momentum can be difficult to establish. And that’s what makes it so valuable. Because once you have it going in your favor, momentum can be hard to stop. With momentum on your side, small efforts can bring big results, and those big results can lead to even bigger ones. Yes, momentum takes some effort and commitment to put into motion. And it is very much worth the trouble. Take the time and make the effort to start something positive. Even though, in the short term, it would be easier and more comfortable to just do nothing, look past those immediate concerns. Look ahead to that point where momentum kicks in, and consider the value of putting it to work in your favor. Then get up, get going, and get to work on building that momentum.

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