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Every year in India, Independence Day is celebrated as birthday on 15th August  It is celebrated as a national holiday all over the country, in the history of the country, this day is also called the day of red letters. In Independence Day, you can learn about every important detail of India's independence history through essay. August 15 is celebrated as a public festival with flag hoisting and social functions. Schools, universities, workplaces, society buildings, government and private associations celebrate this day with enthusiasm. On this auspicious occasion, the national flag tricolor is hoisted in the Red Fort by the Prime Minister of the country, as well as the country is addressed by speech. The exciting scene of this entire colorful program is displayed live on Doordarshan channel to the countrymen. On 15th August we observe this day to remember our freedom fighters. Because he had fought a lot for freedom, in which many fighters also sacrificed their lives. Independence Day is the only day that repeats the pages of history, as well as it is a day in which martyrs are remembered. This is such an important day in which people of different religions and castes living in India forget all their cultural differences and unite as a true Indian and celebrate this day with great enthusiasm.  
This day is a positive event for the country because on this day we were freed from British rule. This freedom encourages people all over the country to unite and celebrate a happy moment. This is a special day of unity in diversity and a special day of strength, we feel happy to be part of a country with the largest majority rule where we live in a democracy. Freedom of Freedom Now all Indian citizens can do all work independently in the form of freedom. India became independent on the 15th of August in the year 1947, in which all the freedom fighters have achieved this independence after a lot of struggle. On this day, the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru , unfurled the national flag at the Red Fort for the first time. This day marked the end of 200 years old British rule in India, after India got independence, now all Indian citizens are living their life happily in the air of one peace in a free and sovereign nation. The British have ruled India for about 200 years, the life of every Indian under the British colony has been full of struggle and very disappointing.  Under the British rule, Indian citizens were treated like slaves, they had no freedom of any kind to do any work. The Indian ruler was simply a puppet in the possession of the British authorities, that is, he had to do as he spoke. Indian citizens were subjected to cruelty in British camps, as well as all the peasant citizens of the country were starving because they were unable to produce crops and had to pay taxes.

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