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A king named Rupsen ruled in the kingdom of Vardhman. The king was very courageous, kind and just. This was the reason that not only in Vardhman but also in all the states adjoining his kingdom, the personality of King Roopasen was given example. One day a person named Veervar came to the court of Rupasen. When the king asked the reason for his arrival, Veerwar said I want a job and I want to serve you as a bodyguard.
On hearing this the king said  I can make you my bodyguard but for that you have to prove your efficiency. So that I can decide whether you deserve to be my bodyguard or not.  Hearing the kings words Veerwar was ready immediately. He also showed his weapon skills with his muscle power. King Roopsen was very impressed by seeing all the characteristics of Veevara. The king asked, Tell Virvar, if I make you my bodyguard, what do you need for daily expenses  On this question of the king  Veerwar said, Maharaj, give me a thousand gold coins. Veerwar had so much to say that everyone present in the court was surprised and started looking towards Veerwar. King Roopsen too was surprised at the demand of Veervar. However, why did Veerwar ask for such a huge amount as salary.  
Hearing Veevaras answer the king thought in his heart that what was the need of this much money for the maintenance of four people. Then thinking about something, he agreed to pay a thousand tola gold to Veevar as an expenditure every day. The only task was that he had to be guarded outside the kings chamber every night for the safety of the king.
The king wanted to know what Veerwar would do with this much money. He gave a thousand weavers of gold to Veevara and asked him to come to work at night and secretly put some soldiers behind him. Veerwar was very happy with the job and the salary he wanted. Veerwar happily went home with gold and distributed half the gold among the Brahmins. The remaining half was divided into two parts. A portion was given to the ascetics, ascetics and guests. Then ordered grains from the leftover gold and made fine dishes. The prepared dish was first fed to the poor and then the leftovers were shared with their families. Veervar would reach the palace every day as soon as the sun was set and would remain under the protection of the king. Whenever the king needed anything, Veervar was always present. Many months passed like this. One night something strange happened. The king heard the cry of a woman crying at midnight.

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