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Learning the Top 200 Drugs

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Levothyroxine is Synthroid used as a hormone replacement. Hydrocodone is Vicodin used as an analgesic and also a C-II drug. Amoxicillin is Amoxil used as an antibiotic. Lisinopril is Prinivil used as an antihypertensive. Esomeprazole is Nexium used as an antacid. Atorvastatin is Lipitor used for cholesterol lowering. Simvastatin is Zocor which is cholesterol lowering. Clopidogrel is Plavix which is an anticoagulant. Montelukast is Singulair which is an anti-asthmatic. Rosuvastatin is Crestor which is Cholesterol lowering. Metoprolol is Lopressor which is an antihypertensive. Escitalopram is Lexapro which is an antidepressant. Azithromycin is Zithromax which is an antibiotic.

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