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The Boat Ride

created Nov 11th 2022, 12:49 by Sudhir Meher



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In a small garden in the city lived a family of squirrels on a big peepal tree. Vikki, one of the members, had his cousin Kato come over to meet him from a faraway forest where he lived. They both decided to go on a boat ride in the water. As soon as they hopped into a boat and it curled up and down in the river stream. Accidentally Kato fell down into the water and shouted for help. Vikki unable to do anything on her own, started shouting too. A swan passing by noticed Kato drowning. She held him with her beak and tossed him on the boat and finally Kato was saved. Then they decided to share their story of an adventurous ride on a boat with their other folks.

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