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TV abbreviation for television is a telecommunication tool employed for transmitting moving pictures along with audio. Thetelevision was incited for the public for entertainment purposes and offered important news to people of all age groups. Somepeople contend that television does not always positively influence people because it can sometimes hinder communication betweenpeople. Television addiction is observed between people of all age groups. While television is an excellent source of relaxation andcan be used to escape from our routine stress getting addicted to it can be damaging. television addiction is apprehended to createbehavioural problems. A person who is addicted to television is expected to show signs of aggressiveness. This is because mosttelevision programs stream brutal content. It can blur the ability of a person to contemplate. The reasoning and behaviour of atelevision addict are primarily influenced by the type of shows they watch repeatedly. They are not capable of focusing on theirwork. They have this never ending urge to revert to the television and watch their beloved shows. Additionally this obsession alsodecreases the activity of the brain that results in bad performance at work. Television addicts usually daydream and start living ina fancy world. They cut off connections from reality. They frequently complain of migraine. They often suffer from redness in theeyes and their eyesight also declines over time. Television addicts usually seclude themselves from society. This results in depressionover time. This obsession ends in irregular sleep patterns which causes apathy and hinders work. It can reduce physical activitiesand result in several health problems such as obesity and heart problems etc. television addiction destroys the brain to a largeextent. It hinders the holistic growth of an individual. It is straining personal relationships and increasing negative thinking amongthe masses. Television addiction is the same as other forms of addiction such as drug addiction or mobile addiction and otherdisorders. The problem must be addressed to help people lead a happy and fulfilling life. If one cannot subdue television addictionthey should immediately meet a guide or therapist who can help them to handle the addiction. One can start by restricting theirtelevision viewing time. Make a schedule that involves different activities throughout the day to keep you busy. Adhere to your planto run your day orderly and limit your television viewing hours. This can prove to be a notable move in getting rid of televisionaddiction. Spending time with your family is much more satisfying than wasting time in front of the idiot box. When trying to getover your television obsession it is always a great idea to seek help from family members. They will assuredly assist you in thesituation. Every person in this world has a hobby. They should indulge in them. We can also get engaged in doing household choresand reading books or some other activities of their choice. This will reduce our urge to watch television and get rid of thisaddiction. One may have the urge to watch television while they sit at home for a long time. It is a great idea to get involved inoutdoor activities or visiting a friend which will help you stay away from the television for long hours.

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