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Patience costs nothing yet it can change everything. Patience will add power throughout your life. You gain nothing when you seek to jump ahead of the moment. Instead, give your activities and experiences the time and attention they deserve. Patience lets you see things you would have otherwise missed. Patience enables you to communicate clearly, accurately, in rich detail. Patience strengthens relationships. Patience leads you toward wisdom and deep understanding. Rather than merely skimming the surface, with patience you can experience great richness in the full story. Calm anxiety, increase intention and reduce carelessness, with patience. Remind yourself often that you can be more patient. There's much to be gained when you do. Can you bring yourself to do one small thing that makes a positive difference? Then you can change the reality of life for the better. Can you find it in yourself to smile for just a moment? Then you can feel a little better about everything. Can you offer a few encouraging words to another? Then you can make the world a little brighter. Even when you're facing life’s most oppressive challenges, there's something you can do to make a little improvement. And when you've made a little improvement, you can make a little more. Even when life dishes out nothing but unfairness, pain and disappointment, you have an advantage. There's some little something you can do, right now, to make it a little better. Do that some little something, and feel your own positive power. Begin to improve reality in some small way, and discover for yourself that you never have to stop.

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