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created Sep 9th, 14:43 by Trúc Đào



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please open the door, please come in, its cold put on some moreclother and turn of the fan, get up and make breakfast for me, don't go out please, don't be angry, don't be sad, don't be nervous, yes i will thanks you, i am a boss listen to me, we go for a walk, please follow us, are you sick, don't do that again, why didn't you call me, i tried to call, but you didn't answer, be careful driving, i like that book give me that book, have you decided yet, i still haven't decided, say to me, clean the table for me, are you waiting for some one, i'm waiting for you, can you give me a hand, sorry i'm a bit busy at the moment, get back the book for me, do you like it here, i dont know that, are you at home or somewhere, i'm on my way home, don't get me wrong i like it here but my home is better, are you coming this evening, are you cold, i'm freezing, why all this hurry, i'm about to miss the train, are you allergic to anything, i'm allergic to cigarette smoke, at what time it happen, im sorry i didnt remember exacly, i dont know but i feel a little uncomforable

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