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a story. very easy to type no hard words

created Sep 10th, 14:58 by Rishivardhan



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Ones up on a time, a kid is going through the jungle his name is Ravi. When Ravi is going he saw a Gold coin in the forest. Ravi took the coin and thinking whose coin is this should i keep it or not. He is thinking that the this coin will be a person who is very poor. When he is thinking the kid saw a sadhu who is doing prey to lord Shiva. Then the kid has went near the sadhu and told about the gold coin. After listening to the kid sadhu told to give the coin to poor people with the coin they can eat some food. After Listening to sadhu the kid went by taking the coin then he saw a king who is going to occur the Neighbors country. After seeing the king he went near the king and given the coin to the king. After seeing this all members is in shock why the kid is giving the coin to the king. King as asked to the kid why are you giving this coin i am king i have lot of money ok. Then Ravi replayed raja i  got this in a jungle and when i am in the confusion i saw a sadhu i asked a suggestion then sadhu told to give this to poor person by that he can eat something. King told i am king ok i have more money i can buy anything this type of coins i have more ok why are you thinking i am poor. Ravi told raja you have more coins then why are you going to occur other country? we have more it is enough right then it indirectly tells that you are poor. After listening to Ravi words the king as changed his decision and came back.      

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