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Gods gift to humanity Honesty is the weapon to lead a dignified and dignified life. Honesty brings us respect and love among people. Honesty is one of the best ways to live life. It makes you strong, responsible, courageous and kind. History is witness that all those who were honest to others ruled the world and immortalized their names in golden letters on the pages of history. The character of an honest person is stronger and more powerful. People always trust honest person. Because of this quality, you will feel better among people. Honesty is the most effective weapon to protect loving relationships. Honesty is the builder of strengthening a lasting relationship. Honesty gives you relief and happiness
Unscrupulous people lose their respect in the family as well as in the society. A liar ruins relationships and loses people's trust. It is often seen that people lie to save situations. By doing so they make the situation worse. Honesty is the means of success and the weapon to overcome all situations of life. Honesty is the best policy because it is because of this that great people built great empires by winning the trust of common people. It's a bit rough and tough to be honest but it goes a long way and benefits us. Being dishonest is easy but is very short-lived and makes life painful. Honesty is the best quality among all the qualities of life development. Due to this quality in life many problems get solved. Honesty leads life to peace and success. Honesty provides a lot of trust and appreciation in life. Benjamin Franklin, a famous person said that, Honesty is the best policy.With simplicity comes harmony in a sincere home and society. Honesty is such an asset, which helps in achieving peaceful life and success with dignity. Honesty helps a person to focus on the essential things in life. An honest person never fails in any field of life. An honest person is like a rose between thorns. He attracts the attention of the people in the society. To be true to one person in all aspects of life is what honesty means. An honest person never indulges in morally wrong activities. Honesty does not break any rules and regulations. Discipline, good behavior, punctuality, telling the truth and helping others are the signs of honesty. Honesty protects us from bad habits, activities and behaviour. Honest person can easily get lots of happiness in his life and blessings from supreme power and faith in many things.

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