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The Boy who cried wolf

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A farmer asked his son to take their herd of sheep grazing every day.
While the boy watched over the sheep, he got bored and decided to have some fun.
So, he shouted, “Wolf! Wolf!”. Upon hearing this the villagers ran to help him chase the Wolf away.
As they reached him, they realized that there was no Wolf and he was just kidding. The villagers were furious and they yelled at the boy for creating chaos and panic.
On the next day and the boy shouted “Wolf!” again and once again the villagers came to help him and saw that there was no wolf. This made them very angry again.
On the same day, the boy saw an actual Wolf that has terrorizing the sheep. The boy cried “Wolf! Wolf! please help me” and no villagers showed up as they believed that the boy was joking again.

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