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The HyperWorks design space workflow streamlines the model build process for topology optimization. The complete toolkit includes an automotive-only non-design space library, collision detection, and a fast and efficient voxel Boolean mesh engine. Users can explore model variants in seconds, enabling quick package space changes. In addition to automotive BIW architecture studies, it supports design space local and global modeling for generic sub-systems in different industries. Gaining insights into product’s performances has never been easier. With the HyperWorks design explorer, users can easily setup and execute design of experiments and optimization studies, learning which attributes contribute the most to the different performances, review, plot, and compare results from multiple runs, and ultimately identify optimal designs. The quick and easy setup process is solver independent, yet fully integrated with Altair’s structural analysis solutions.  
A dedicated, optimized CFD simulation environment is part of HyperWorks, offering a consistent interface for all the Altair solvers. The end-to-end workflows streamlines model setup with advanced geometric modeling and editing, extensive physics coverage, as well as automated meshing with light memory footprint. It includes direct solver execution and post-processing all within the same intuitive, easy-to-learn user interface. HyperWorks includes a tailored environment to efficiently assist crash and safety engineers in model building, starting from CAD geometry and finishing with a runnable solver deck in and other third-party solvers. From dummy positioning and seat mechanisms to airbags and seat belts routing, it provides an end-to-end analysis workflow that streamlines the setup of impact simulations in accordance with the different regulations. HyperWorks offers a broad range of functionality for engineers, designed to reduce the simulation cycle time, freeing CAE analysts to focus on optimizing product design and performance. Particularly suited for automotive applications, the HyperWorks workflow makes full-vehicle NVH simulation possible in the most advanced and streamlined form. Multiple, interchangeable, and dynamic representations of the model are easily managed along with global loadcases, post-processing, and advanced diagnostics. Robust design studies of the global performance can be easily performed and evaluated.  

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